Announcement for no Buffy conference

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The german version of this page contains an article on Buffy the Vampire Slayer that was planned to be the announcement for a Buffy-conference in 2007, which unfortunately did not take place.

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k 2008-07-22, 4.17 pm

thanks for the introduction.

if buffy is part of the pop culture industry and this pop culture industry is the remains of what was once bourgeois high culture - then buffy IS highly significant for contemporary culture, but then the different characters are interesting as stand-ins for relations produced by late, post-bourgois capitalism. none of them is progressively read as a projective foil but as figures of defeat - or of productive neurosis: Buffy, the newest member of the SPK!

(and yes, the world would indeed be better if she did not hope for a prince!)

Vickey Luangamath 2010-10-27, 5.21 pm

Useful post. Have been trying to learn a new language on the net but not having much success, have been considering going to a local programme so this is helpful, thanks.

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