Fight for good? (what this is all about)

“We fought for good, stood side by side,

Our friendship never died.

On stranger waves, the lows and highs,

Our vision touches the sky.

Immortalists with points to prove,

I put my trust in you.”

(Joy Division, A Means to an End)

This website is still under construction. In the near future there will be a lot of content to find here. It will be both in german and english language. There will be articles on different topics which will have one thing in common: They will be about a subjective approach to survive not only as an specimen but as an individual, that does not want to give up its aim to change the world (in an emancipatory way) in a world that does not want to be changed. Thus it will be about political issues as well as issues that are normally not counted as political but as private stuff. It will be about Pop-culture, about things I love or hate and about the difficulties of everyday life. Because Buffy the Vampire Slayer is the best TV-Series ever — maybe even the best that has ever happened to this world at all — the whole website will be written in the spirit of this series. Certainly it will be about the progress in planning the Buffy-conference mentioned in category home, too.

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